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Danaher x TOUCAN Agency

creating brand awareness through a creative ad-spot and digital campaign

Working alongside the TOUCAN Agency team, I played a pivotal role in developing two key deliverables for Danaher, a leading life sciences company. The first was a captivating 40-second ad designed to grab attention and communicate their brand message. The second challenge involved translating that message for a unique platform: Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) displays.

Covering editing and motion, I gave my input and actioned ideas for the 40-second ad, creating a seamless visual flow through match-cutting techniques, utilising sound design that perfectly complemented the visuals and, bringing the ad to life with motion graphics.

Next, following a plan laid out by the TOUCAN team, I tackled the challenge of adapting the campaign messaging for DOOH displays. Collaborating with the extended team, I managed the production of graphics in various formats.

The final deliverables were a captivating 40-second ad and a set of dynamic DOOH creatives, both effectively communicating Danaher’s brand message. The ad stood out in any environment, while the DOOH creatives seamlessly integrated into unique display formats, maximizing reach and impact for Danaher in the life sciences landscape.

Watch the Danaher ad-spot

After the event, I produced a case study video for TOUCAN
which you can watch here. You can read theĀ full case study
and statistics on TOUCAN’s website:

client feedback

"JJ is not only a lovely lad but is super talented. He has been such a key member of the TOUCAN team for a number of years, working with us on a regular basis and his graphic/animation skills are phenomenal.

He is very creative and so easy to work alongside. Nothing is too much trouble and no matter how challenging or pressured the job or the timeframe, he always handles it with calm professionalism and good humour, a trait that is very much appreciated. I can't recommend him highly enough.''
Lynn Chambers
Founder & MD at TOUCAN Agency


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