branding & development

elevating brands with motion, design, and development

I am able to help elevate brands through the power of motion, design, and development. From designing and developing websites to crafting engaging motion content, I can help bring ideas to life and create a strong online presence.

With a focus on creativity and innovation, I work closely with each client to understand their unique needs and goals. By combining my skills as a video editor, motion graphics designer, and website developer with a deep understanding of your brand, I can provide tailored solutions that help you stand out in a crowded market.

Explore my diverse portfolio of projects (including some of my own) and satisfied clients I’ve helped below!


NUA Health needed a simple and elegant e-commerce shop. Built on Shopify, the online shop not only had to display the products but,  explain them. I was also on hand to assist them with branding, content production and product photography.

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I worked closely with the team at Circuit Society, implementing motion into their gyms. This included filming and editing hundreds of exercise videos to display on their in-studio screens and, animating their logo!

West Mendip Orchestra (WMO) needed a brand new website with a members area. This was built in a couple of weeks including an optimised logo pack, bringing them into the digital space.

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A brand new logo, website and identity! BloodyMary and The Hangovers needed a way to showcase their music and advertise their availability. Their updated logos and new website was built in just a few weeks.

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