Being a creative freelancer requires me to keep ahead of a changing industry.

As well as working with major brands and productions, I test new forms of content and marketing through my own media and technology-driven ventures.

Practical FX and Digital Visuals. Everything from explosions to projections.

Cinelusion FX specialises in providing practical special effects and digital visual solutions for a wide range of projects. From creating realistic explosions and pyrotechnics to projecting stunning digital imagery, Cinelusion FX can bring your clients’ visions to life.

Whether it’s for film, television, live events, or any other creative endeavor, Cinelusion FX is dedicated to delivering high-quality and innovative visual effects that leave a lasting impression.

Original content and, how to make it. From creative how-tos and tutorials to, weird-and-wonderful docs and stories.

Creator Cabin is a digital studio and creative entertainment company that produces original content and provides resources for content creation. Our mission is to inspire and empower creators by producing a diverse range of digital content, from creative how-tos and tutorials to thought-provoking documentaries and weird and wonderful stories.

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A musical persona.

‘Multicoloured Glasses’ is my musical persona, where I channel my creative skills to produce original music and various forms of related content. As a musician, I bring my expertise in music writing and editing to craft unique stories. Additionally, I utilise my creative skills in content production and idea generation to experiment with a range of multimedia content, including music videos, short films, and live events.

This blend of skills allows me to continually immerse myself in an industry I’m passionate about and provide valuable expertise to those I collaborate with.

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A platform for testing creative teaching.

Working with students through the Superprof platform, providing practical, project-based lessons.

With plans to integrate teaching and support into Creator Cabin Academy, tutoring students online is not only improving my teaching style but, giving an insight into what and how students want to learn.

Through testing and feedback, I have already integrated student ‘Edit Suite’ portals through, allowing them to play back live-lessons and download working project files.

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The Edit Suite.

High-flying visuals and FX. Dive into fast-paced drone flight with added motion graphics and visual effects.

Airdive Cinema specialises in creating breathtaking drone cinematography with added motion graphics and visual effects, taking your projects to new heights of creativity and impact. From visualising map routes and locations to flying through augmented reality visuals, Airdive Cinema brings a unique perspective and style to every project.

Experience the thrill of fast-paced drone flight and stunning visual storytelling, brought to life by Airdive Cinema.

The online space directory. Find and book the perfect space for your next event.

Spaceavo is the ultimate online space directory for anyone looking to find and book the perfect space for their next event. Our platform provides a comprehensive list of spaces available for rent, from event halls and conference rooms to unique and offbeat locations that will make your event truly memorable.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily filter through our extensive database of spaces and book the perfect space for your needs, whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or any other type of event. At Spaceavo, we are committed to making the venue selection process simple, stress-free, and enjoyable.

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Making invoicing and expenses, work.

Invopilot simplifies invoicing. The user-friendly platform allows freelancers and businesses to generate unlimited, customisable invoices. With features like expense tracking, receipt management, and easy tax return building on the horizon, Invopilot is set to become the new normal for invoicing and business management.

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The all-in-one management platform for creative freelancers and production studios.

Studio Pilot aims to unite creative businesses by linking departments, from accounting and finance to events, video, and creative teams, all under one intuitive platform.

Simplifying and elevating project management with features like time tracking that seamlessly updates finance and accounting workflows, easy-to-use time sheets and logs, dynamic to-do and job boards, comprehensive project and client management tools, insightful stats, collaborative link sharing and detailed studio information.

Studio Pilot is the ultimate solution for streamlining operations, fostering collaboration, and ensuring every project takes flight with precision and ease.

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A wood workshop, recycling old furniture and producing atmospheric content.

William & Wildwood is more than just a wood workshop. While our core business is centered around recycling old furniture and creating beautiful, bespoke pieces, we also place a strong emphasis on producing atmospheric content that reflects our passion for creativity and craftsmanship.

We believe that producing engaging and visually compelling content is just as important as creating high-quality furniture pieces, as it allows us to showcase our unique approach and share our story with the world.

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